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Quick Estimates for YOUR Deck & House Power Washing

The best way to contact us is by filling out our contact form. It gives you the opportunity to tell us the most details in order for us to expedite a quote for services. Additionally, IF YOU SEND PHOTOS OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE CLEANED, WE WILL TAKE $25 OFF YOUR BILL.

If you are requesting services for the following categories, please click on the drop down “Needed Info”).


Deck Cleaning & Re-staining

Needed Info
  • Approx. size of your deck or sq.ft.? – (measure L x W of deck & steps) 
  • Approx. age of deck? – In Years
  • What direction does your deck face? – North, South, East or West
  • Does your deck have a sealer or stain on it now? – Yes, No or Not sure
  • What is the building material of your deck? – Pressure Treated, Cedar, Redwood, Composite, Exotic Hardwood
  • How many tiers or levels does your deck have? – 1, 2, 3 or 3+
  • What level is your deck? – Low, Mid or Elevated

House Power Washing

Needed Info
  • Approx. size of your house? – Sq.ft. 
  • Siding material? – Vinyl, Log Cabin, Brick Facade, Partial Brick and Vinyl siding or other
  • Does North side have green algae?
  • Does Southern side have oxidation? – (rub your finger against the siding particularly on the south side, if a thick white powdery chalk-like-mix comes off on your fingers, the answer is yes) ***OXIDATION IS A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION AND IS NOT TYPICALLY COVERED UNDER CLEANING. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOUR SIDING HAS THIS AND WE CAN DISCUSS OPTIONS WITH YOU***.
  • Are you leaving your window screens in? – Some screens can only be removed from the inside, others can be raised slightly to allow drainage around window. If you stack screens in an outside area we can gently clean these (It’s not necessary to remove the screens, but it does allow for better cleaning and drainage around windows)

Dont be anxious about measurements, some of them can be acquired off of Google Maps.

A common complaint among customers about contractors is that they don’t get back to you soon enough, if ever at all. In conjunction with “virtual estimating,” you can attach photos of your home, deck, etc., to aid in the estimating process. Because of the high cost of fuel, this process makes more sense than traveling to each call and keeps cost down for customers.

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We are fully Insured and Wolman Certified.
Delaware license#: 2012604143
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Call Joel or Melissa
410-499-9209 direct
410-883-2026 office
10240 Sharptown Rd
Mardela Springs, MD 21837


OPTION 1: If you would like to pay for services with a credit card, we can invoice you through PayPal without you needing a PayPal account.

OPTION 2: If you already have your own PayPal account, you can simply and securely “send money” from PayPal to the email listed above (no invoice is necessarily needed for this).

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