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Delmarva homeowners, did you know that house washing not only removes ugly green algae, black mold, pollen and insects but it kills viruses as well?

DeckResurrect.com and our sister website HouseWashingDelmarva.com can disinfect your home’s exterior with its typical house-wash mix. How? Our typical house-washing solution includes bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and a powerful but environmentally safe detergent that is just right for the siding cleaning work. Bleach is the established industry standard’s main active ingredient for killing algae and mold on building exteriors. Therefore, bleach is good, it is a great disinfectant, and can kill viruses. When used professionally, it helps to brighten your home as well as getting rid of germs, algae, and mold. We can apply our house mix through power washing, soft washing or a small sprayer. 

DeckResurrect can disinfect your pool, restauraunt, children play areas and your homes!

Are you renting out your waterfront home? We can definitely kill all those exterior party germs from raucous renters. In addition to great hygiene, disinfection through our bleach detergent mix is an excellent way to keep the COVID-19 Coronavirus at bay. Handrails and railings for decks, deck tables, doorknobs, etc. are all areas being touched by everyone but can be disinfected. We know exactly how much cleaning mix to use on a house so as to not kill plants. Be careful with newer contractors in the business because they have a tendency to go to heavy with the cleaning mix which can kill flowers and plants!

pestilence and viruses are a problem and may become the “new normal” for which we are being challenged

Worried about the kid’s swingsets from having germy kids playing on them? We can disinfect them too, as well as anything else that people are touching, such as outdoor furniture.

If we personally don’t think hygiene is a problem, then observe the folks going in and out of typical convenience store bathrooms in our area. Many men (can’t speak for the women) do not wash their hands! So pestilence and viruses are a problem and may become the “new normal” for which we are being challenged.

We can all do our part in keeping the Coronavirus and other surface-contact viruses at a distance by disinfecting not only the interior but the exterior of our properties as well.

Attention Property Managers! We already support several property management companies at the Maryland and Delaware beaches and elsewhere. But let us know if you have pool areas or eating areas that need sanitizing. Own a restaurant with external tables and seating? Call us and we can sanitize your exterior space.

So if you live on Delmarva’s Eastern Shore or own a property there, give Deckresurrect.com a call at (410) 499-9209! We have 30+ years in the exterior cleaning and disinfecting business. 


Why You Need a House Washing!

What are the Dirt Colors on My Delmarva House?*

  • How do you know if your house is dirty?

  • Can it be cleaned if it has some weird color on its surface?

These are the colors that will typically be seen here in Delmarva’s Mid Atlantic states of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia on the Peninsula. We are closer to water and moisture so typically most all homes will be marred by one or multiple stains below. What dirt color is affecting your home?

Sage to Lime Green: Lichen. Typically found on the roof’s northern often shaded side. Lichen must be removed as it grows roots that can shorten the life of your roof.

Green, Hunter Green: Algae. This is seen mostly on untreated decks and home’s northerly shady sides.

Black (on roof): Mold. Characteristic of black soot like streaks on roofs. Since roofs are made presently with some limestone instead of just asphalt like decades past. The organic limestone feeds algae causing the mold streaks particularly on the north side. Therefore, pretty much all roofs will get at least black streaks of mold in time.

The dirtier the house, the easier it is to clean

Dark Grey or Black: Mildew/Mold. This can be seen throughout a home’s exterior that has not been cleaned in some time.

Black Dots: Artillery fungus spores. This is typically caused by spores growing in dark mulch and is attracted to light colored siding. The spores then launch their ‘artillery’ at  the siding. While it is near impossible to clean, you can stop the spores by getting rid of the hardwood mulch and perhaps going with stone or another type of mulch where spores will not grow.

Brownish Grey (with shades of Green): Algae/mildew mixed. Dirt and dust typically under a porch or eave. Construction dirt.

Orange, Rusty Orange: Iron. This could be from a tint of orange to a deep vermilion. Any and all of it is characteristic of iron.

Medium Brown: Mud Dauber Insect or other insect nest. Some of these insects make nest on the siding others under the siding. A professional power washer should go back to make sure no insect nest is leeching from under the siding which can cause permanent brown stains that difficult to remove when dried.

Dark Brown: Bird’s nest mud. We will happily clean off these nest as long as mother chicks have flown the coop.

Pale Yellow: Pollen. From March-June every home here gets hit with Pollen, but is easily removed with House Washing.

Grayish White: Salt. With the consistency of skim milk the salt will be noticed near the ocean on windows when soft washing them.

White to off White (powder): Oxidation. Oxidation is a ‘pre existing condition’ typically on the south or sunny side(s) of a home. It is NOT dirt but a break down on the molecular level of the siding itself. An inexperienced power washer will leave streaks on your siding if it has oxidation present.

To test for oxidation, rub your fingers on the siding of the south side of the house. If a white chalk-like powder comes off on your fingers, you have oxidation!

The good news, all of these dirt colors can be removed with House Washing …

Believe it or not, The dirtier the house, the easier it is to clean. The cleaner side of the house is actually the bigger challenge because of the chance of oxidation. That’s good news for Delaware, Maryland and Virginia on the Delmarva peninsula, near the beaches, bay and inland properties as well.

Everything above can be cleaned except Artillery Fungus Spores. Oxidation has to be dealt with as an individual case and is worse with some siding colors such as tan or blue.

Here at DeckResurrect, we can clean your house and remove these unsightly stains from your precious Maryland and Delaware home. Give us a call at (410) 499-9209 or fill out the form on the sidebar and we will contact you within 24 hrs.

*Colors of dirt vary in shades to tints or other hues and are based on observation in the Mid Atlantic states. The above is neither an exhaustive or scientific study but based on over 25 years of observation in exterior cleaning.



1.      House Washing

Green around your house is beautiful! Green on your house is pretty ugly (yet easily removed). Unless, of course, you like green and it happens to be the color of your house. Remove the green algae with house washing Delmarva! Algae, mildew, pollen, construction dirt, insects like spiders and mud daubers all love to mar the outside of your beautiful home. We at DeckResurrect™ can safely pressure wash or soft-wash your home. SEE our examples on our House Washing page.

2.      Paint Prep

Most homes have some exterior wooden components such as columns, fascia and molding on them that are typically primed and painted. After a few years the low-grade construction paint flakes and needs to be cleaned off. [continue reading…]


Ahh Delmarva! How does the North side of your house look? Is green algae or mildew marring the appearance of your beautiful home? Do you have insects like mud daubers lurking behind shutters? Does your concrete sidewalks have different shades of gray or even black?

THE NORTH SIDE GREEN ALGAE PROBLEM: The north side of the house is infamous for growing unwanted green algae or mildew on vinyl siding due to the high presence of moisture-to-ground contact, or closeness of the home’s siding to the ground, and finally, the lack of sunlight on that north side. Additionally, the flatter Eastern shore Maryland and Delaware land with poor water drainage and lack of sunlight on the north side contributes to this green monster taking over our homes. Algae growth proliferates here in Delmarva’s Eastern Shore. [continue reading…]


Need deck & house washing in Maryland? Do you live on the Eastern shore of MD & DE and badly need the green algae removed from your home? What about your sidewalks, pool area or driveway? Are they covered in black mildew, marring the beauty of your home? Is your deck cleaned and ready for guests and family now that school is over for the kids and grandkids? Remove the green, contact DeckResurrect today! Call (410) 499-9209 or fill out the form on this page.
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We clean decks and houses in all of Delmarva or the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, Annapolis and Kent Island. If your driveway or sidewalk is mildewed with black or green, then call DeckResurrect to clean. We will be happy to clean the exterior of your home. Is your deck ready for outdoor barbecues, friends and relatives? Are you embarrassed by the condition of your deck? Is it dirty, gray from sun damage or (SEE OUR PICS BELOW) mildewed? We can restore the beauty of your wood as well  as composite deck with a variety of stain materials that perform up to 10 years.

Contact us today! We look forward to being of service in pressure washing and staining and sealing for your home in Maryland and Delaware.




This is a "free floating deck" supported both in the front and back and not dependent on the house–DeckResurrect

Are you hosting a graduation party? Is there an upcoming wedding or family reunion at your home? Well, before you have everyone pose on the deck for pics, can you vouch for its construction? And that your deck was built without the builder cutting corners? If you are not sure, then call DeckResurrect or a qualified home inspector. We can check your deck to see if is anchored and properly built.

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Most townhome decks and some single family home decks are attached to the house by means of a ledger board of the deck connected to the ban board of the house. As the homeowner, you should scrutinize the construction of your deck, especially before you have friends and family on the deck. Some decks have been known to separate from the house because they are not properly anchored at the ledger to ban board, causing great injury to those on the deck. The injuries take place when there are a large number of people on the deck during a gathering or party, thus creating a lot of weight and added stress onto the deck (not a problem if deck is built properly). Make sure your deck is anchored well to the house before having people on it.


Click picture above to see an enlargement of this deck. A better form of construction is to have beams and posts at the front and back of your deck (thus “free floating” as shown in first photo above), with the deck being cantilevered no more than two feet out over the beam. A beam should never be just nailed to a deck, but bolted with galvanized or stainless steel carriage bolts (if living near the ocean’s salt air). As a professionally trained and experienced home inspector, I can also check to see if your deck is properly constructed. I originally became a home inspector because of the amount of poorly constructed and unsafe decks I saw while cleaning them. I was amazed that these decks passed local county inspections (that is, if county permits were pulled in the first place). Typically, the contractor is cutting costs or the carpenter just does not know how to properly construct a deck according to code or national construction standards. (SEE GALLERY OF NEW & PROPER DECK CONSTRUCTION)

SEE our FAQ for more great deck power washing-related tips!

Click above to see the real life dangers many face from poor deck construction. This deck collapse was from December 2013.


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