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Siding & House Pressure Washing

We power wash houses professionally, cleaning different kinds of siding, from Delaware beaches and Ocean City, MD to the Annapolis, MD metro area.

Deck Resurrect will pressure wash for stain and paint prep as well. We will remove unsightly algae, moss, mildew, insect webs, mud daubers, and construction dirt off your beautiful home, especially that north side of the house.

Deck Cleaning & Restoration Services

We power wash decks of all kinds: treated, cedar, redwood and exotic or hardwood decks. We also clean composite decking with limited pressure (yes, 🙁 composite gets dirty). We are very careful with pressure, especially with softer woods. Deck Resurrect will carefully balance the use of water pressure and organic and or biodegradable safe chemicals. We have been power-washing and cleaning decks since 1989.DeckResurrect Cleans Decks in Delmarva

Dock Pressure Washing

We will power wash your full length dock.

Sidewalks, Pool area Pressure Washing

Sidewalks and pool areas typically get dirt, algae, and mildew. Power washing will remove these stains and brighten up your walkways and concrete areas. We use highly effective surface cleaners to safely clean your pool area, sidewalk, or concrete. NEED CONCRETE SEALING? We get the highest quality sealers directly from the manufacturer and can seal and protect your concrete and stone surfaces.

Roof CleaningRoof half cleaned in DE by DeckResurrect

We clean roofs with low pressure or no pressure, the two most popular choices for roof cleaning.

Outdoor Furniture

We will clean your outdoor furniture and stain it if is your wish.

Staining & Sealing

We use the best deck stains available. Cabot and Olympic are common favorites and have been rated #1 and #2 by a leading Staining Outside Furniture in Delmarvaconsumer magazine in a multi-year test. But Flood, Zar, the new Behr, the new Olympic solid and semi transparent stain, Sikkens, Ready Seal and more stains have also been solid contenders for the outside stain market. However, we use the best deck stain products available regardless. Concerned about protecting your concrete and hardscaping surfaces? Contact us us! We can apply sealants and water-repelling products to protect your investment.Solid stain deck, 2 coats in Centreville, MD by Deck Resurrect

Deck Inspection

If you are not sure of the structural integrity of your deck and you are wondering whether or not you should invite family and friends on your deck, give us a call at 410-499-9209. The owner of DeckResurrect is professionally trained and experienced in home inspection. Awareness of dangerous decks while cleaning them are what first motivated him to become a home inspector. Collapsing decks due to poor construction by contractors will unfortunately happen. Some decks WILL collapse if the total weight of people on the deck exceeds what the poorly framed structure can hold. A gathering of your son or daughter’s prom friends or wedding party is not a time to find out if your deck is unsafe, if you are in question about its safety. Would it not be terrible if your own friends or family were hurt because of unsafe deck construction? Yet, correction is often probable since the structural framing is exposed. Better to be safe than sorry, or to be sued by someone because they were injured on your deck.

Click above to see the real-life dangers many face from poor construction.

Deck Repair

Are your cap rails curling and twisting? Do you have loose boards on your deck? Are your railing balusters loose, posing a serious threat to small children potentially falling through them? Was your deck under built in some areas? Is your deck beyond repair? Click on this image to see the problem of the old deck, and why it needed to be replaced.

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