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House Washing-Delmarva

Deck Resurrect has been power washing houses almost as long as we have been cleaning decks. We love to clean vinyl siding covered in algae, mildew, lichen, dirt, pollen, mud daubers and clean them off completely. As ugly as it is, green algae is easily removed by our process. Algae growth happens due to high humidity and proximity to water, close to sea level, high water tables, sprinkler systems, etc. Green algae also typically thrives on northern sides where direct sunlight is rare or non existent. We house wash from Delaware beaches and Ocean City, MD to the Annapolis, MD metro area.

Siding cleaned by DeckResurrect of Delmarva, MD

Is Green On Your House? – Delmar, MD

Deck Resurrect will pressure wash for stain and paint prep as well. We will remove unsightly algae, moss, mildew, insect webs, mud daubers, and construction dirt off your beautiful home, especially that north side of the house.

Deck Resurrect has always employed a soft-wash method of removing algae. We never direct a power washing nozzle directly against siding close-up. This is an amateurish move, as many new contractors do this climbing a ladder and hitting your siding straight on. This method is a liability to YOU the client, to them the CONTRACTOR and a violation of common sense as water and ladders don’t mix well and can add to potential slip and fall injury.

Nevertheless, check out our house washing, soft washing and power washing of houses with before and afters below.

House Washing, Siding Power Washing Before & After

Steps & Sidewalk Cleaning

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