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Delmarva homeowners, did you know that house washing not only removes ugly green algae, black mold, pollen and insects but it kills viruses as well?

DeckResurrect.com and our sister website HouseWashingDelmarva.com can disinfect your home’s exterior with its typical house-wash mix. How? Our typical house-washing solution includes bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and a powerful but environmentally safe detergent that is just right for the siding cleaning work. Bleach is the established industry standard’s main active ingredient for killing algae and mold on building exteriors. Therefore, bleach is good, it is a great disinfectant, and can kill viruses. When used professionally, it helps to brighten your home as well as getting rid of germs, algae, and mold. We can apply our house mix through power washing, soft washing or a small sprayer. 

DeckResurrect can disinfect your pool, restauraunt, children play areas and your homes!

Are you renting out your waterfront home? We can definitely kill all those exterior party germs from raucous renters. In addition to great hygiene, disinfection through our bleach detergent mix is an excellent way to keep the COVID-19 Coronavirus at bay. Handrails and railings for decks, deck tables, doorknobs, etc. are all areas being touched by everyone but can be disinfected. We know exactly how much cleaning mix to use on a house so as to not kill plants. Be careful with newer contractors in the business because they have a tendency to go to heavy with the cleaning mix which can kill flowers and plants!

pestilence and viruses are a problem and may become the “new normal” for which we are being challenged

Worried about the kid’s swingsets from having germy kids playing on them? We can disinfect them too, as well as anything else that people are touching, such as outdoor furniture.

If we personally don’t think hygiene is a problem, then observe the folks going in and out of typical convenience store bathrooms in our area. Many men (can’t speak for the women) do not wash their hands! So pestilence and viruses are a problem and may become the “new normal” for which we are being challenged.

We can all do our part in keeping the Coronavirus and other surface-contact viruses at a distance by disinfecting not only the interior but the exterior of our properties as well.

Attention Property Managers! We already support several property management companies at the Maryland and Delaware beaches and elsewhere. But let us know if you have pool areas or eating areas that need sanitizing. Own a restaurant with external tables and seating? Call us and we can sanitize your exterior space.

So if you live on Delmarva’s Eastern Shore or own a property there, give Deckresurrect.com a call at (410) 499-9209! We have 30+ years in the exterior cleaning and disinfecting business. 

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