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Need deck & house washing in Maryland? Do you live on the Eastern shore of MD & DE and badly need the green algae removed from your home? What about your sidewalks, pool area or driveway? Are they covered in black mildew, marring the beauty of your home? Is your deck cleaned and ready for guests and family now that school is over for the kids and grandkids? Remove the green, contact DeckResurrect today! Call (410) 499-9209 or fill out the form on this page.

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We clean decks and houses in all of Delmarva or the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, Annapolis and Kent Island. If your driveway or sidewalk is mildewed with black or green, then call DeckResurrect to clean. We will be happy to clean the exterior of your home. Is your deck ready for outdoor barbecues, friends and relatives? Are you embarrassed by the condition of your deck? Is it dirty, gray from sun damage or (SEE OUR PICS BELOW) mildewed? We can restore the beauty of your wood as well  as composite deck with a variety of stain materials that perform up to 10 years.

Contact us today! We look forward to being of service in pressure washing and staining and sealing for your home in Maryland and Delaware.


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